Privacy Policy

At, we respect and place so much importance on your privacy. We have highlighted below the type of information we collect when you visit and how they are used. We will never sell your data to third parties. We will only send e-mail messages upon your subscription to our newsletter. Your data will not be used for any other purpose with exception to if we are compelled by legal action.

How we collect information from you and what they are used for

Information we have about you is obtained in three stages: The first is during the time of your subscription to our newsletter and this include your name and email address. This information is used to send e-mail messages regarding latest funding or job as the case may be. We will also send information on recent development as regard the opportunity for scholarship and job.

The second is through cookies. This enable us to collect data about users who visit our page (e.g what features are used when users visit our site, which part of the world do we have more users, what type of browsers are been used, the Internet protocol address, the Internet service provider such as Shaw Cable, the time of visit to our site etc) as this information will help to better modify our sites for the best experience of multi-users.

We also use of cookies to store information such as name and email addresses when you visit our site. This feature only include showing you a popup as it will save you the stress of typing the same information repeatedly.

To support our site, we also use third party advertisement. This means, the advertisers (such as Google) may use cookies and web beacons to store information such as IP address, ISP, type of browsers used to visit our site, the time of visit, how long did the visit last etc. This type of information is mostly used for geotargeting purpose such as serving ads specific for your interest. For instance, if your previous browsing history indicate that you viewed our site from London, you may see hotel in London showing ads on your browser when next you visit non-related site. This type of cookies does not collect personal information like email address, names, home address etc. Information collected is used solely for geotargeting purposes. If you want, you can turn off cookies in your browsing settings or through Internet security programs such as Norton.  However, turning off cookies may impact on your browsing experience when you visit our site or any other website.

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