fundingforstudy.com is an online scholarship hub that provide free information on different funding options as advertised by funding providers. fundingforstudy.com will only attempt to provide basic information and corresponding links to the website from which the scholarship was originally advertised. This means, through fundingforstudy.com, you will be able to link to other websites which are completely not under our control. The truth and accuracy of information contained therein is however at your own discretion and risk.

We do encourage the funding seekers to request for as much information on the scholarship programs as possible through the official website of the funding providers. All formal queries about any scholarship information as provided on this website should be directed to the funding providers.  This should include and not limited to the accuracy of any listings and legal right of any funding providers to give such awards. It should be noted that the inclusion of any scholarship links on this website does not mean our endorsement.

fundingforstudy.com does not offer job and scholarship of any forms to anyone. With exception to voluntary request to provide feedback through our Contact Us page, we will not ask you for any financial gains whatsoever. We have no reason to request for your financial details and fundingforstudy.com will not be responsible for any financial loss as a result of identity theft such as false use of logo, names etc.

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